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Natural Remedies for Seasonal Change Sickness

What are the most common seasonal change sickness?

As summer ends and the weather starts to get colder with the autumn our body's immune system is threatened. The fickle weather can make us more susceptible to illness.

As an extension of our previous newsletter on summer remedies, we would like to provide tips and remedies on how to battle the common seasonal change sickness, and help you keep yourself healthy as the weather becomes colder.


  • The simplest and most common seasonal change sickness. The remedy for a cold is to drink plenty of fluids. Drinking water and juice helps keep you hydrated and alleviates congestion.

  • Drinking ginger, chamomile, or green tea when you are feeling under the weather can help perk you up a bit, adding a spoonful or two of honey helps soothe a sore throat as well.

  • Coconut water also has plenty plenty of electrolytes to balance our body's nerve and muscle functioning.

  • Getting plenty of rest is very important for regaining your joie de vivre.


  • Clear liquids are always best when you are feeling ill. Vomiting and diarrhea cause dehydration and your body looses important vitamins and electrolytes. Drinking water, apple juice, broth, or weak tea helps balance your digestive system.

  • The carbonation from ginger ale helps curb the nausea caused by gastroenteritis.

Sore Throat

  • To temporarily soothe this kind of seasonal change sickness, you can gargle a solution of warm salt water (240 ml of water) and add 3 ml of salt.

  • If the sore throat does not come with congestion then try warm milk with a little honey.

  • Drinking ginger or chamomile tea also helps soothe the discomfort of a sore throat.

Seasonal Depression

Believe it or not, depression is one of the common seasonal change sickness. This is because some people experience a more melancholy mood during the winter months due to sensitivities of darker climate.

If you feel like your depression may be more than a melancholy mood seeing a therapist could be helpful to you. Here are some tips to help lift a cloudy mood.

  • Exercising is a great way to keep a foul mood at bay.

  • A balanced diet. If you are not getting enough nutrients your body could be resorting to lowering your mood for attention.

  • Relaxation techniques such as yoga, meditation, or morning walks.

  • Or try to spend more time outdoors if the weather allows.



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