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DIY Acupressure Massage For Childbirth

DIY Acupressure Massage For Childbirth

Katoka Massage Therapy knows that aches and pains can really take away from your abilities and overall happiness. We’re here to help you access some relief on the spot, using your own fingertips!

Using acupressure massage to alleviate pain during childbirth

Acupressure massage helps with coping and handling contractions and is still one of the few things I always recommend to expectant parents to explore in preparation for labour and childbirth.

The birthing body knows how to birth. It is an ancient and innate ability dating back 40,000 years. Yet, managing contractions requires emotional and physical support throughout.

Acupressure massage during childbirth labour can provide one very important aspect of this physical support in this most unique and extraordinary of physical challenges: bringing your baby into the world.

Massage Therapy to the Rescue!

Acupressure massage for labour

The following are helpful acupressure points to alleviate childbirth pains. Apply firm but gentle pressure to each point. We've included partner's tips below, as this is definitely a time when you could use a helping hand!

(For more details on how to apply acupressure massage, check out our handy tips here.)

You can find more points and instructions in Debra Betts' handy guide Birth Preparation using Acupressure – Optimising your body's beneficial responses. She also has FREE videos to help you find them correctly.

*Do not use these points if you are pregnant but not yet in

your 37th week or over, as these can induce labour.


Isabelle and her team are amazing. They provide chair massage therapy at our offices and we are guaranteed a moment of bliss! Isabelle always helps in getting rid of some tight knots on my back. Very grateful for Katoka, they provide an outstanding service.

Isabelle and her team are amazing. They provide chair massage therapy at our offices and we are guaranteed a moment of bliss! Isabelle always helps in getting rid of some tight knots on my back. Very grateful for Katoka, they provide an outstanding service.


Shoulder Well or Jian jing - GB21

This point is located at the highest point of your shoulder muscles. To find it, pinch your shoulder muscles on each side with your middle fingers and thumbs. Apply gentle, firm pressure before releasing the pinch and massaging the point. 

Partner's tips: Once you have located GB21, you can also press down using both of your elbows at the same time! One on the left side, one on the right side. Always check the pressure is right by asking your partner initially.

Also useful to relieve headaches, pain and stiffness in the neck and shoulders.


Joining Valley or Hegu - LI4

Located at the highest spot of the muscle when you bring your thumb and index finger together. Relax your fingers and grip this point with the thumb and index finger of your other hand. Press down your thumb, using your index finger in your palm as leverage. Apply firm pressure and massage.

Partner's tips: Take your partner's left hand with your right hand or their right hand with your left hand so as to locate the highest spot of the muscle. Press down your thumb using your index finger in the palm of their hand as leverage. Check the pressure with your partner.

Also used for stress, facial pain, headaches, toothaches and neck pain.


Second Bone Crevice or Ci Liao - BL32

Located midway between the dimples above the buttocks and the lumbar spine. 

Partner's tips: This point lies approximately one thumb width on either side of the spine, and about one of your lady's index finger length above the top of the buttock crease.


Press down on both points at the same time applying firm pressure and massage.


Three Yin Intersection or San Yin Jiao - SP6

Place your little finger on the highest point of the inner ankle bone of the opposite leg. Rest the other fingers on the inside leg above it, to measure four finger widths up from the ankle. Place the thumb of your other hand just above the main knuckle of your index finger, in the groove behind the tibia bone. Apply firm pressure and massage the area for 4-5 seconds at a time. 

Partner's tip: It should be the width of your lady's hand! Her measurements, not yours. 

Clinically used for a wide range of conditions including urogenital disorders, menstrual cramps, oedema, insomnia and skin diseases.

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