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DIY Acupressure Massage For Focus and Concentration

DIY Acupressure Massage For Focus and Concentration

Katoka Massage Therapy knows that aches and pains can really take away from your abilities and overall happiness. We’re here to help you access some relief without having to leave the comforts and safety of your home.

This DIY acupressure massage therapy is great for focus and concentration.

How to Stay Focused and Productive at Work

Are you back to work and finding that brain fog is getting the best of you? Maybe working from home is part of your new normal and you find it more difficult to focus due to the distraction of your surroundings. Regardless of your situation, you should know that it is common and natural to feel distracted from time to time.


Of course, you want to be as productive as possible within your designated work time. No one wants to realise they were zoned out for the past ten minutes and now need to work overtime. Instead of drinking your fifth cup of coffee for the day, try a natural strategy instead. There are specific acupressure points that can increase your focus and concentration. You read that right, there are simple DIY massage-based practices that can help you improve your concentration and memory.

Acupressure Massage Therapy
for Focus and Concentration


Isabelle and her team are amazing. They provide chair massage therapy at our offices and we are guaranteed a moment of bliss! Isabelle always helps in getting rid of some tight knots on my back. Very grateful for Katoka, they provide an outstanding service.

Isabelle and her team are amazing. They provide chair massage therapy at our offices and we are guaranteed a moment of bliss! Isabelle always helps in getting rid of some tight knots on my back. Very grateful for Katoka, they provide an outstanding service.

CONCEPTION VESSEL (REN MAI) Sea of Tranquillity, Chest Centre or Tanzhong - CV-17 (REN-17)

Sea of Tranquillity, Chest Centre or Tanzhong - CV-17 (REN-17)

With brain fog and the inability to focus can also come related struggles of anxiety, nervousness, insomnia, and/or depression. All are perfect examples of emotional imbalances that negatively affect your ability to concentrate and be productive. Stimulate this point located on your breastbone’s centre, about three thumbs width above the bone’s base where you will feel an indentation. Your clarity of thought, memory, and focus should all improve with continued stimulation.

EX2---Third-Eye-Point-_ Seal-Hall or-Yintang --EX-2---v2.png

Third Eye Point / Seal Hall or Yintang - EX-2

This point is located between your eyebrows where your forehead and nose’s bridge meet, hence the name third eye. Massage this point with one-two fingers for 3-4 minutes. To get the best results, try and do this 2-3 times per day. Aside from increasing your focus and memory, it will also bring a calm and uplifting feeling.

GV26 (DU26) - Governing Vessel - Water Through or Ren Zhong.png

Water Through or Ren Zhong - GV-26 (DU-26)

This is the acupressure point to try if you often find yourself daydreaming during work or feel it hard to concentrate because you have distracting thoughts. It is located between your nose and upper lip, about two-thirds of the way up from your upper lip to the point between your nostrils. Press this point firmly for a few minutes to stimulate. It will bring you back into the moment, grounding you and promoting concentration. This point also offers relief from dizziness, fainting and cramps. For best results, access this point every day for several weeks.

Liver-Meridian-Great-Surge-_ Bigger-Rushing or-Tai-Chong-- LV-3-with-logo.png

Great Surge / Bigger Rushing or Tai Chong - LV-3

This point is located right on the top of your foot in the indentation between your second and big toe. If you are battling concentration issues, stop what you are doing and apply pressure to this point for a quick turnaround of increased focus. Press this point every day for 2-3 minutes to boost your energy, motivation and clarity of thought.

Governing Vessel Meridian - One Hundred Meeting Point or Bai Hui - GV20 (DU20).png

Place of One Hundred Meetings or Bai Hui - GV20 (DU20)

Do you feel like you have a creative block? Place a finger on the top of each ear and run your fingers up the sides of your head until they meet at the top of your head. Apply gentle pressure to this meeting point and massage for 1-2 minutes. This acupressure point brings mental awareness and clarity, by stimulating it you will raise your body’s emotional energies.

*You can try almost all of these DIY massages right at your work desk!*


But wait... There's more!

How to be Productive Working from Home

Whether you find yourself working from home or not, we live in an age where distractions are everywhere. Many of us are constantly attached to a phone and find notifications are popping up constantly, stealing our focus. Now add into the mix family members and pets vying for our attention or worrying thoughts about what is going on in the world. Our brains are not equipped to deal with these distractions. However, the ability to focus easily dictates our productivity and thus success.


Try some of these simple life habits and tips to improve your ability to focus while at work.


  • Start off the morning by being active. Whether that is through a good exercise routine or simply stretching. Try to be consciously moving for about 20 minutes.

  • To function properly your brain needs a lot of good fats. The brain is actually made up of about 60% fat! So, fill up on some good fats like avocado, nuts, and eggs.

  • This might seem overly simple, but it is important, and it works. Eliminate unnecessary distractions. Do your Facebook or Instagram notifications keep buzzing or lighting up your screen? Turn them off or keep your phone out of your direct line of sight. Working on a specific project and don’t want to be disturbed? Turn off your email notifications!

  • Plan your day. This doesn’t have to be a minute-by-minute thing. Focus on the most important tasks you need to accomplish and the time they should take. By writing or planning it out, you are focusing your brain.

  • We’ve said it before, but it never goes out of style, get a good night’s sleep! Nothing ruins your concentration more than sleep deprivation.

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“Your life is controlled by what you focus on. – Tony Robbins


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