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Beat the Heat, Plant a Moon Garden!

moon garden

Why Plant A Moon Garden?

Love to garden but hate the sweat involved? Or maybe you’re just a night owl and could use a moonlit activity. Cultivating a moon garden is a great way to not only get in touch with nature but to enjoy your nights more.

If you have an outdoor garden area or even a terrace area where you can have some plants, this is a perfect opportunity to try something new and a little different.

"Follow your inner moonlight; don't hide the madness" -Allen Ginsberg

Benefits of having a garden?

The more obvious benefit of a garden of any kind is the relaxing and often therapeutic properties of gardening itself. Gardening gives you something to do with your hands and a moment for your thoughts. Plus, there is a great sense of reward seeing your hard work bloom and happiness in such beauty. If you plant your moon garden close to your house you can even take advantage of the plants’ aromas as you sleep.

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You can also get creative with how you plant and arrange your garden. A circle or crescent shape can really help you set a mood, especially since many of the blooms are white and appear very luminous in the moonlight.

Night Blooming Plants

Moonflower: A cousin of the morning glory, the moonflower’s white flowers are tightly shut during the day. They open at night and release a slight lemony scent. This is a climbing plant and would do best with some support such as a trellis or a stable surface to hang on. Evening Primrose: This perennial (reoccurring over years) can cover a lot of ground, as it spreads rapidly. The pale pinkish-white flowers open at dusk and release a sweet scent Evening Stock: Simple tiny pink and purple flowers that reach their peak scent at twilight. These flowers are easy to care for as they grow well in a wide range of soil provided they have full sun. Make great cut flowers for your table as well! Night Phlox: These clusters of pure white pinwheel flowers are brushed with maroon on the reverse side of the petals and are also know as ‘midnight candy’ due to their sweet vanilla honey scent. Night Phlox grows well in pots of fertile well-drained soil. Angel’s Trumpet: Another vine, this annual flower spreads like crazy. It has trumpet-shaped white flowers that resemble bells when opened in bloom. Word of caution, while very beautiful, these flowers are poisonous if ingested so be careful around children and pets.

flower garden

Creating and caring for your moon garden can be a very Zen experience, not to mention enjoying your garden!

Moon gardens are also not as wacky as you might think.

There are plenty of ideas, tips, and designs that can be found with a quick Internet search. So have fun and be creative with it! You might very well also find a spiritual connection to the garden. The moon affects many people and even if you had not considered its connection to you before, this garden might bring out that spirituality.

When you have plants that have blossomed under the powerful energy of the moon, this is not uncommon! Harvesting the flowers and drying them can brig this energy into your home and serve as a nice charm for you. Some other herbs and flowers with lunar connections you might consider adding to your garden include eucalyptus, jasmine, sandalwood and gardenia. Above all, take the time to sit and enjoy your moon garden. Allow the smells and glows of the flowers to relax you and bring you peace.

"The moon is faithful to its nature and its power is never diminished." -Ming-Dao Deng


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