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Setting an Intentional Year

Setting an Intentional Year

These Simple Ways Will Make Your New Year Positive

We’re already two weeks into a brand new year and 2020 has brought with it a new decade! If there was ever a new year to be positive and follow through with intentions, this is it.

If you haven’t already, it’s time to check in with yourself on your goals for this year. And if you’ve started your resolutions, how are you doing? Perhaps a better question to ask yourself is how are you feeling about the new year and this opportunity to manifest your intentions? Are you optimistic for what’s to come?

While there is no magic wand that comes with being positive, there is psychology surrounding positive thinking. So let’s use positivity as the first step in driving this year (or any new start!) to be successful. Positive affirmations have the power to go a long way.

Are you already thinking, “I’ve heard that a million times”? I bet you have but have you actually tried setting positive affirmations for yourself?

"I am the architect of my life; I build its foundation and I choose its contents.”

Positive Affirmations Explained...

Very simply, positive affirmations are phrases or statements used to challenge negative or unpleasant thoughts. Negative thoughts are often subconscious patterns that can burden our mindset, thus affecting our growth.

If you are constantly telling yourself that you are incapable of doing something, it’s very likely you won’t.  Negative mindsets like these only set a person up for failure. Why try something you’re convinced you will fail at? Why try again if it doesn’t go well the first time?

However, if you tell yourself that you are capable, and work to truly believe this, you’re setting yourself up for success! Like the subconscious of having negative thoughts, your subconscious has the same power with positive ones. Positive affirmations can be used to create and attract the reality you want.

To be effective and make long-lasting changes, these positive affirmations and intention setting routines require regular practice.

Positive Facts

Empirical studies have even been done on the practice of positive affirmations and the positive effects are proven. The practice of self-affirmations has numerous benefits including:

Decreases stress

Effective use in interventions 

Promotes taking health seriously 

Promotes being open to challenges and being less defensive

Resilience is increased when faced with difficulties and pressures Increased optimism

All valuable tools in achieving your goals!

Making Your Own Affirmations

affirmation - i am beautiful as I am.

Make your affirmations using “I” statements. This creates a statement of identity, tying you to what you are saying and serving as a motivator.

Example: I enjoy eating leafy greens and vegetables.

Write your affirmations in the positive rather than negative.

Example: Instead of “I no longer enjoy smoking cigarettes” say, “I am free from smoking cigarettes.”

Charge your statements with emotion! Include description words of the emotions you would like to feel from your intention.

Example: “I feel motivated and vibrant when I go for a run”

Write your statements in the present tense, like they are already happening. You might feel silly or wrong for doing this, especially since you probably don’t yet feel like you’ve achieved your affirmation goal. Just remind yourself, this exercise is meant to rewire your subconscious mind!

Example: “I am healthy” rather than “I will be healthy once I start my diet.”

Feel free to take ideas from already written statements, but the most effective ones will be those you write for yourself after checking in with your goals and desires.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Now that you’ve set some affirmations, it’s time to put them to good use. In order to be effective, you must practice daily! The good news is, there is no right way to practice or say your daily affirmations. Some people suggest saying them first thing in the morning and as the last thing you do before going to bed. Other people benefit from having their affirmations written down and keeping them in places that are highly visible, like the bathroom mirror, computer, or refrigerator door.

Your goals are achievable and your mindset is changeable. Begin 2020, and any new start you take, with positivity and confidence! Remember that the simple task of practicing positive affirmations can rewire your subconscious, helping you to achieve.

“The more you feed your mind with positive thoughts, the more you can attract great things into your life.” -Roy T. Bennett

Newsletter by: Renée Schweizer




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