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Quick and Easy Stress Management Tips

Stress Management Tips

We thought we would share some quick and easy stress management tips. These are simple and fast, yet effective pick-me-ups for a stressful day. Whether you are ready to start a holiday or you have only 5 minutes to spare, these are easy ways to induce relaxation. Cheers!

stress management tips

Just Sit

Find somewhere comfortable to sit, cross-legged or not. Just sit, breathe, and let go of your thoughts. Counting your breath helps aid concentration. Breathe deeply, expanding the diaphragm. Count each inhales, count to ten, then repeat for as long as you desire. Chamomile Tea

Sipping on a warm cup of chamomile tea is a great way to unwind. Chamomile is one of the most common herbs for relaxation, it has been used for thousands of years for soothing illness, and easing tension.



One of the quick and easy stress management tips is to be a fan of Lavender flowers. This flower, especially in the form of lavender essential oil has a powerful calming effect. It is used most often to promote sleep and relaxation.

Take a Computer Break

These two hand positions can be very relaxing if you are feeling burnt our. They are perfect for when you have been working at a desk and staring at a computer for too long. First, place both of your hands in front of your eyes for up to a minute.

Staring at a screen for a long period of time tires and weakens your eyes, this position gives your eyes a little break. Second, place your hands over your ears, this helps drown out other noises and is a good add on to the eye position.

Go for a Walk

​​The most common stress management tips - walking! Quick and easy right? It is a great way to clear your mind. Walk to a nearby park or nature area. Walk down the block or even just down the hallway.



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