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Your Body's Miracle Molecule: Oxytocin

What is Oxytocin?

Oxytocin is a powerful little molecule. It is best known for the part it plays in falling in love and bonding a mother and child. It has been called the molecule of love and trust, but it also plays a big role in keeping your body and mind healthy.

Your body produces this molecule when receiving a hug, cuddling with an animal companion, getting a massage, and many other ways! This molecule produces feelings of connectedness with others and trust.


Benefits Relationships

Oxytocin is most known for its role in falling in love. It is released with pleasant physical contact like holding hands and cuddling, it is even released when you look at a loved one or even think about them.

This molecule builds trust in relationships and reduces social fears. It is the main biological mechanism that bonds a mother and her child.

Relieves Pain

When oxytocin is released it not only can act as an anti-inflammatory, but its pleasurable effects can mediate physical and mental pain. It is even released during childbirth to reduce the pains of labour.

Boosts Moods and Reduces Stress

Oxytocin is naturally a pleasurable molecule, if you're feeling down call an old friend, cuddle with your partner, or play with your pet. Because of its ability to relieve social stress and build trust, it helps combat social stress and the feeling of being overwhelmed.

benefits of oxytocin

Benefits Metabolism

Researchers at the University of Geneva have found that lower levels of oxytocin are positively correlated with developing obesity later in life (with a normal diet.)

These researchers looked at mice with low levels of oxytocin that were obese and by treating them with oxytocin infusions their weight normalized.

This research suggests that oxytocin plays a role in metabolism

A Miracle Molecule

All of these benefits make oxytocin a miracle molecule. All just "With a Little Help From My Friends." Oxytocin can be released from many different experiences, it plays a crucial role in making us who we are and connecting us with humanity.

So if you are looking to boost this little molecule in your life spend time with your friends, family and have regular massages!



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