Natural Alternatives to Antibiotics

8 Best-known Natural Alternatives To Antibiotics

Last year, in November 2015, the first ever “World Antibiotic Awareness Week” took place. This year it will take place the week of 14-20 November, 2016.

Its aim is to increase awareness of antibiotic intake with the theme "Handle with Care". In an effort to do our share in this upcoming event, here's a piece on what we all need to know about antibiotics.

What are Antibiotics?

Antibiotics treat infections caused by bacteria. From the Greek word 'anti' which means opposed to or against, its main purpose is to kill or stop the growth of bacteria. It is a group of powerful medicines that treat deadly infections in several ways.

However, antibiotics are not always the answer. Whilst it kills and stops the growth of bacteria, it doesn’t work for everything. One of the reasons is that bacteria and viruses are different and antibiotics cannot cure diseases caused by viruses.

We have good and bad bacteria inside us. Obviously, the bad bacteria make us sick and the good bacteria keep us healthy.

Antibiotics harm both and it doesn’t have the ability to distinguish, which are good and which are bad. Prolonged usage and misuse of this drug may upset the balance of good bacteria inside you, making you more susceptible to serious illnesses or diseases. Antibiotics, if misused and taken unnecessarily, may harm you more. Bacteria has the ability to adapt to its environment. If antibiotics are taken the wrong way, they don’t just become ineffective, they can also give you unpleasant and unwanted side effects.

So before putting your body at risk by using antibiotics, why not try searching for natural alternatives to antibiotics first within the comfort of your home...

Here are a few of those natural alternatives. Enjoy!

Yogurt One of the best-known alternatives to antibiotics. It is rich in probiotics. Great in increasing good bacteria, as well as fight off the bad bacteria. It is good for the treatment of urinary tract infections, bacterial vaginosis, bacterial skin infections, intestinal and stomach infections etc.

Apple Cider Vinegar

It balances pH in our body, preventing the action of bacteria in the infected area. It does not just work as anti-bacterial but also an anti-inflammatory agent. Great for skin diseases and can be applied directly to it. It also can be diluted in a glass of water for a refreshing drink or have 3 tablespoons before each meal to help faster digestion and weight-lost.

Honey Great for skin infections, preventing the bad bacteria from entering the opened area of the infected skin and also for treating respiratory infection such as cough and blocked nose.

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Garlic is one of the great and always available natural alternatives to antibiotics. It treats a number of bacterial and fungal infections of the body. It is the most available and can be consumed in many ways. You can boil them to make a tea or chew them and swallow them raw.


A stalk of ginger a day may prevent bacterial infections and it’s also good for treating respiratory and stomach infections. It works by reducing the bacterial action of the body by producing heat inside our body and improves blood circulation.

Baking Soda

This natural alternative to antibiotics also regulates the pH balance of the skin making it great for skin infections caused by bacteria. It also treats intestinal tracts and respiratory infections by consuming half a teaspoon in a glass of water.

Lemon It’s great for respiratory infections because it is rich in Vitamin C. It removes bacteria by reducing the mucus inside the respiratory tract.


A long with water can be gargled to treat sore throat, strep throat, and tonsillitis

There are still a lot like aloe Vera, tea tree oil, turmeric, cranberry juice, etc. Just imagine these wonders!

So, next time, before visiting your doctor with the question "Can I get antibiotics?" you may want to consider these alternatives to antibiotics first and try these wonderful natural tips.

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