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D.I.Y Meditation: Tips for Beginners


Meditation Tips for Beginners

Not everyone is a great athlete or exceptional artist- but anyone can meditate!

Meditation is an activity that can be easily and quickly performed, helping to improve the rest of the day. Practicing meditation has been known to reduce stress and anxiety levels while giving the meditator a sense of overall self-peace and harmony.

If you start meditating you can expect to feel more relaxed and inspired in your everyday life! There's nothing to lose other than a few minutes of your day by trying! These following tips and exercises will help you to create your own daily meditation routine and inspiration!

"Quiet the mind and the soul will speak!" -Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati

Just a few steps to get you on your way to meditation...

1. Sit somewhere quiet and clean- you want to be in a peaceful environment where you can concentrate

2. Set an intention or reason for why you are meditating- this can be as simple as "May my mind be relaxed."

3. Focus all of your attention onto your legs and then your arms

4. Pay attention to your breathing-you want to be taking nice big deep breaths, sitting with good posture

5. Think as you breathe in and out- I am inhaling, I am exhaling

6. Count to 10 by thinking- "I am inhaling one, I am exhaling one, I am inhaling two, I am exhaling two" and so on. This is one cycle.

7. If you lose your concentration or your mind drifts off and you lose count, no worries! Simply start over.

Throughout the first week try to do this once a day. Add a cycle each week until you've reached 10 cycles!

Create Your Meditation Space

While practicing mediation, it is important that you feel at ease and comfortable in the space that you are using. Enhance your meditation experience by surrounding yourself with elements that will increase your focus! Have one item for each of the five senses:

  • Smell: Light some incense or light your favourite candle

  • Sound: Try using guided meditation audio or even have peaceful meditation music playing at a low level.

  • Touch: Having beads in your hand during your practice or another small handheld item with significance to you can help you to concentrate.

  • Sight: Select a meaningful picture, statue, etc. that can be placed in your area. Choose something that inspires you!

  • Taste: Having a cup of tea or even simply a glass of water nearby can be a nice addition to your routine.

Try having an element of nature in your meditation space as well!

meditation space

​All of these items can be displayed on a type of alter, this could be as simply as a small table! Also don't forget to make yourself comfortable while meditating-use as many pillows and blankets as necessary!

Balance your Chakras through Meditation

Chakras are different energy sources located throughout your body. By meditating and focusing on one of these centres, you are helping your body to reach an equilibrium. By surrounding yourself with the colour associated to the chakra you are creating a deeper balance.

Chanting the word associated with the selected chakra while meditating also helps you on your way to a healthier and happier disposition!

  • Crown: Influences inspiration, spirituality and faith: "OM"

  • Third Eye/Brow: Influences imagination and intelligence: "OM"

  • Throat: Influences communication, intuition and creativity: "HAM"

  • Heart: Influences trust, love, and compassion: "YAM"

  • Solar Plexus: Influences self-confidence and ego: "RAM"

  • Sacral/Spleen: Influences emotional identity, creativity, and pleasure: "VAM"

  • Root: Influences physical identity, ambition, and stability: "LAM"

Some Tips!

  • Try Meditating in the morning to start your day off with the right relaxed mindset!

  • Really focus on your breathing. Take deep breaths through your nose, as this type of deep breathing slows your heart and relaxes your muscles.

  • Meditation is about letting go, not visualizing or concentrating on just let go! But don't worry if at first, you find this hard!

  • Practice makes perfect! If the first few times are hard for you to concentrate or really feel its effects. Stick with it for a few weeks to truly see how it makes you feel.

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