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Big Changes for 2018

happy new year

Try these awesome tips on how to make big changes this year

December hits, and amidst the holiday spirit you might be feeling, is the small nagging of the New Year that is drawing closer and closer. It can be very challenging to prepare for a new year, or even consider the change with so much going on. This is true at any point you’re thinking about making a change!

Without mentally preparing for following through with resolves or starting a new habit, you’re quite frankly, likely to fail. Procrastination gets more and more tempting and perhaps your fear of making a change gets stronger.

This year, or the next time you are looking to alter a part of your life, do yourself a favour and gain the mental clarity to do so first!

Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.” –George Bernard Shaw

Start Fresh This New Year

To prepare or motivate yourself for making a change, get in the right mind-set. There is no one way to do this and you should pick a tactic that is unique to you. What is something that relaxes you and gives you time to think?

This can be something simple, like a nice hot shower or bath. If you practice meditation, this is a good time to set your intentions. Consider getting a massage for ultimate relaxation in order to clear your mind.

The point is to set you up for success! Recognize what you want to make a change or add into your life and take the time to let it sink in that you are committed to making progress. Once you have set your intention, remind yourself that nothing happens overnight and you will have to put in the work!

Whether you are looking to make a big change or a little one, the following tips are small ways to get you to your desired goal.

Self Improve

  • Change up your Routine: If the days seem like they are blending together and it’s hard to differentiate each day, re-energize yourself with a making a small change. It might seem silly, but even just using a different mug or water bottle or spraying yourself with a different perfume/cologne will remind you that you did something a little different.

  • Be More Vulnerable: Instead of silently admiring the waitress’ nail polish or the trendy shoes the man on the tube is wearing let them know! Let your friends and family know you appreciate their love and guidance rather than just thinking about how supportive they are. Compliments put you out there and let you speak your mind.

  • Forget you’re an Adult for a Moment: Spend an afternoon doing something you loved when you were young. Maybe that was painting, making friendship bracelets, rollerblading, or even riding your bike. Rejuvenate yourself by keeping the spark of youth alive! Remind yourself that there is always time to hit the reset button.


Add some Acupressure into the mix by applying firm pressure for 1-3 minutes to the following Acupressure points: Three Mile Point: Located four finger widths below your kneecap, one finger width outside and lateral to the shinbone, just below the edge of your knee. A muscle should flex as you move your foot up and down if you are in the right spot. Acupressure at this site strengthens the mind and body, increasing energy levels and aiding in mental clarity. One Hundred Meeting Point: To find this point, follow the line from the back of both ears to the top of your head. Feel for a slight hollow toward the back top of your head. Applying pressure here is good for mental clarity and is useful in aiding in concentration or for bringing about a shift in perspective.


Don't Let the Fear or Excuses Stop You From Making A Change

There will always be a long list of excuses available to not make a change. Those excuses often stem from fear and that fear hinders your ability to take action steps. These fears can be overcome, motivation can be found it is possible to prioritize what needs to be done!

1. Find a Purpose: This is much like finding the mental clarity to start. Perhaps you’ve already found what your purpose is and what you need to do to attain your desired end goal is apparent. If not, continue to take time for self-reflection.

2. Embrace your Desire: You’ve found a purpose and have a goal. This is a positive thing. Embrace that feeling to propel yourself forward!

3. Create Time/Space: Making a change isn’t going to happen unless you work for it. Give yourself the area needed to be successful. That could mean setting aside time in the day, reorganizing your schedule or even literally creating the space you are working within to accommodate you.

4. Hold Yourself Accountable: Encourage yourself even more by holding yourself accountable for making a change. Develop a reward system for yourself. If you complete Task X by Time Y, you get the reward you set. It might also be beneficial depending on your goal, to have someone who knows what you are working toward and who can support you while not letting you off the hook.

5. Small Actions for Large Change: If the change you want to make is overwhelming, break it down! Consider how you can split up your main goal into several smaller ones to reduce the stress. These smaller actions will allow you to track your progress and help you to see how you are moving forward.

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