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Listen to Your Dreams


Listen to Your Dreams. It Might Be Telling You Something

While it might be an obvious fact that the amount of sleep we receive each night affects our overall health and performance, have you ever considered what your body and mind might be trying to tell you while you are asleep?

That’s right, your dreams are often trying to tell you something or helping you to make sense of what is going on around you.

Dreams play a major role in our memory and even influence our long-term moods, physiology, and creativity.

The definition of dreaming itself can be pretty ambiguous. An easy way to think about dreaming is that it is all the perceptions, thoughts, or emotions you experience while sleeping. It might be worth it to pay more attention to your dreams, or even try some tips to help remember them! Keep reading to learn some of the most common dreams and their hidden meanings, plus some ways you can inspire your dreams!

A Little on Dreaming..

While scientists have been studying the function of dreaming for decades now, it is still unsure exactly how and why we dream. We dream in all stages of sleep.

However, dreams that occur outside of REM, deep sleep stage, tend to be shorter but more relative to what is happening in your everyday life. REM dreams that occur later in the night tend to be longer and more bizarre. While there are many theories from psychologists and even scientists regarding the purpose of dreaming, a common theme seems to be that our unconscious minds are coming though in sleep.

Some studies have even shown that dreaming affects our physiological state. One study even showed that people who went to bed thirsty and drank water in their dreams felt less thirsty upon waking up!

dream signs

Common Dreams and their Meanings

  • Falling:

To dream that you are falling and frightened can mean that you are feeling insecure or out of control. If you are not scared, it means that you will overcome your struggles easily.

  • Teeth Falling Out:

Your teeth falling out in your dreams means that you have been holding something in that needs to come out. This can also signify that you have said something that you should not have and now it is coming back to haunt you.

  • Being Naked in Public:

Realising you are naked in a public place represents vulnerability and anxiety. Dreams like this are often common to people who are starting a new job or are getting more public attention.

  • Dying:

Having a dream that you have died can signify that you wish to end something in your life, perhaps a relationship or job. These dreams do not necessarily have to be scary in nature, they can represent a rebirth or encourage a fresh start!

  • Being Chased:

Being chased in a dream can also mean that the dreamer should face a problem they have been running from. Being chased signifies that you have been running away from fear or anxiety.

  • Flying:

To dream that you are flying shows that you are feeling a sense of freedom after having felt restricted.

  • Waking Up Late:

This dream could be a sign that you have taken on too much and are feeling overwhelmed. It could also be a warning to not make promises that you cannot keep.

  • Meeting a Celebrity:

Having a dream about a celebrity can show the talents or personality traits that you value. This dream can also signify a personal need for recognition.

Help to Incite and Remember Dreams

To help remember your dreams, start a dream journal. When you wake up, even if it’s in the middle of the night, quickly jot down the details of your dream.

If you realize you have forgotten the dream already, write down how you are feeling and any images you might have in your head. Don’t judge what you’re thinking/writing…just write! This can help you to achieve full dream recognition over time! Avoid alcohol and caffeine close to bedtime. Without these substances in your body, you are more likely and easy to enter into REM sleep.

Caffeine makes it harder for you to enter into REM and alcohol makes it more difficult for you to stay in REM and later remember your dreams.

Good To Read: Try These Amazing Tips for Healthy Naps Eat melatonin-containing foods. Melatonin is a naturally occurring hormone that regulates your sleep and wake cycles. Eat some foods that have higher levels to help bring on your dreams. This includes bananas, oatmeal, cherries, and almonds. To help remember your dreams in the morning, set your alarm clock 20 minutes early. The longest periods of REM sleep occur in the morning.

By setting your alarm 20 minutes earlier than usual, you will likely wake up during the dream. This increases your chance of remembering your dream just before waking up!

sleep tips

We all dream every night. Remembering and having more conscious dreams comes from just tapping into your natural ability and practicing. Who knows what you can discover about yourself. Your unconscious mind might just be trying to tell you something important!

We all dream every night. Remembering and having more conscious dreams comes from just tapping into your natural ability and practicing. Who knows what you can discover about yourself. Your unconscious mind might just be trying to tell you something important!



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