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Headaches? Migraines? Say No More

headaches and migraines

Headaches and Migraines No More! Try these tips.

Pounding head, intense pressure, and aching, feelings we all dread. Headaches and migraines can ruin a perfectly good day. To make matters worse, there are all kinds of different headaches you might be experiencing.

You might also suffer a migraine, a much more intense pain. It is helpful to be able to differentiate between what you are experiencing so that you are better equipped to solve the issue and find relief.

The good news is that DIY acupressure massage is a great home remedy that you can practice for both headaches and migraines. Always remember that if you are suffering from a headache for several days you should contact your doctor.

Understanding Headaches Types

A headache can best be described as an unpleasant pain in your head causing pressure or aching. The pain can range from mild to severe and often occurs in your forehead, temples, and/or back of the neck.

Tension Headache: These are the most common type and are triggered by stress, muscle strain, and anxiety.

Cluster Headache: Severely painful headaches that occur on one side of the head. They come in clusters, meaning that you will experience cycles of headache attacks and then periods of relief.

Sinus Headaches: These co-occur with sinus infection symptoms like fever, congestion, and facial pressure. They can often be confused with migraines.

Thunderclap Headaches: Very serious and severe! Develops in a minute or less and could be a symptom of serious medical conditions such as haemorrhage, aneurysm or stroke. Call for emergency help immediately if you experience a headache of this kind.

Understanding Migraines

Headaches and migraines are often confused with each other, however, they are very different ailments. People who experience chronic migraines will attest very strongly to that! Migraines are very intense and severe headaches that often come with additional symptoms to head pain.

They typically affect only one side of the head however; it is possible to experience pain on both sides. The intense pain and throbbing that comes with a migraine make performing daily tasks extremely difficult. Symptoms include:

Nausea/vomiting Sensitivity to light and/or sound Pain behind one eye or ear Seeing spots or flashing lights (auras) Temporary vision loss Two Categories:

Migraines without Auras Migraines with Auras: An Aura refers to the sensations a person might experience before they get a migraine attack, usually 10-30 minutes prior. These sensations can include feeling less mentally alert, seeing flashing lights or unusual lines/colour spots, tingling or numbness in areas of the body, and having an unusual sense of smell, taste, or touch.

Migraine Triggers:

Emotional anxiety Alcohol Contraceptives Hormonal changes

Acupressure for Headaches and Migraines!

Headaches are a body’s warning signal that the brain may not be getting enough oxygen. Before first trying to repress the warning signal of a headache by taking aspirin or other medicines, try to relieve the stress with Acupressure!

Try the following self-care routines either lying down or sitting in a comfortable spot.

young beautiful brunette woman wearing white t-shirt over white background holding head with hands, suffering from severe headache, pressing fingers to temples GALLBLADDER MERIDIAN GB7 & GB6 - Shoulder Well or Jian Jing – GB7 &  Suspended Hair or Xuan Li – GB6
GB7 & GB6 - Palm Press the Temples

1. Palm Press the Temples:

GALLBLADDER MERIDIAN 7 & 6 Shoulder Well or Jian Jing – GB7 &

Suspended Hair or Xuan Li – GB6

Find your temples, the indentations on the sides of your head outside your eyebrows. Apply firm pressure inward with your palms and rotate your hands. Remember to breathe deeply and do so for one minute. It also helps to relieve neck pain.

2. Hold Base of Skull with Bridge of Nose:

Release Headaches and Migraines - Man holding the bridge of nose with one hand -  BL2 - BLADDER MERIDIAN 2 or Bamboo Gathering or Zanzhu – BL2
BL2 - Hold Base of Skull with one hand and pinch Bridge of Nose with the other

BLADDER MERIDIAN 2 Bamboo Gathering or Zanzhu – BL2

Cup the base of your skull with one hand, thumb on one side and fingertips on the other. With your other hand, press the upper ridge of the eye socket near the bridge of your nose with your thumb and middle finger while your index finger gently touches between your eyebrows. Firmly press underneath the skull while tilting your head back and breathing deeply for one minute.

3. Press Acupressure point ST3 under your cheekbones:

facial photo of female model, with two black spots pointing out where to find STOMACH MERIDIAN 3 aka ST3, Great Crevice or Ju Liao – ST3
ST3 - is Located under your cheekbones directly below the centre of your eyes, inline with the bottom of your nostils


Great Crevice or Ju Liao – ST3

Your ST3 location is under your cheekbones directly below the centre of your eyes vertically and the horizontal line crossing the wing of your nose. Use your middle and index fingers on both hands to gradually press up to this point. Keep your spine straight and breathe deeply through your nose as you gently hold these points. It is also clinically used for conjunctivitis, nosebleed, odontalgia / toothache, pain and swelling on the face.

4. Headache Point:

Headache Point:  LARGE INTESTINE MERIDIAN 4  aka  LI4 or Joining Valley or Hegu - A thumb applies pressure to the opposite hand with  thumb and index finger to the webbing between thumb and index finder of  your other hand
LI4 - Headache Point Location: The webbing between your thumb and index finger on opposite hand

LARGE INTESTINE MERIDIAN 4 Joining Valley or Hegu – LI4

The webbing between your thumb and index finger is known as the headache point. Located at the highest spot of the muscle when you bring your thumb and index finger together. Relax your fingers and grip this point with the thumb and index finger of your other hand. Apply pressure with your other thumb and index finger for one minute and massage. Repeat on the other hand. It is also clinically used for stress, facial pain, toothaches and neck pain.

Lavender flowers, beside a blue coloured glass bottle of Essential Lavender Oil

*TIP: Lavender essential oil commonly used for stress relief and relaxation is also known to help treat headaches and migraines. Keep some on hand to smell or apply to your temples next time you are experiencing a headache!



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