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Wine a Little, Laugh a Lot

glass of wine

How Does A Glass Of Wine Benefits Our Body

Many of us can relate to the feeling of a glass of wine being a treat after a long day. But that glass of wine actually has more benefits than you think.

Yes, it can help you wind down and just relax a bit, but there are actually multiple health benefits that go along with enjoying a glass of wine! Your little indulgence might be helping you more than you think.

If you’re not already a wine lover, this newsletter might make you reconsider, and right in time for Valentines Day! Read on to find out how to healthily enjoy wine and some other ways you can pamper yourself this month.

Red or White Wine?

While there are health benefits associated with both red and white wine, red seems to come out as the winner in this battle. White wine contains fewer disease-preventing antioxidants and healthy minerals, plus has higher sugar content.

To top it off, red grapes are fermented with their seeds and skins, retaining more health-related benefits due to this, while white grapes are fermented for a shorter time and mostly without their skins or seeds.

glass of wine to prevent heart disease

Raise Your Glass to Wine!

Prevents heart disease:

Red wine contains antioxidants that help to prevent the accumulation of fat in the arteries. Fatty build-ups in the arteries aid in causing strokes and heart attacks.

These antioxidants are from the tannins in wine, which are naturally produced by the grapes. While the tannins are helping the wine to fight against any damage from air as it is cellared or stored, they are waiting to help your arteries! Cabernet Sauvignon grapes are especially tannic. Fun fact: Moderate drinkers suffering from high blood pressure are 30% less likely to have a heart attack than nondrinkers.

Can help prevent cancer:

A component called quercetin found in red wine can prevent lung cancer. The presence of resveratrol, an antioxidant found in the skin of grapes, works to lower the risk of breast cancer and reduces the growth of cancerous cells.

Helps to give you a restful sleep:

Find yourself sleeping better with a small glass of wine before bed. The hormone melatonin in red wine works to regulate your sleep and wake cycles.

Your body naturally makes melanin, which is released through your pineal gland. The wine just helps to get a little more of the hormone in your body, making you ready for a good night’s sleep!

glass of wine for cold

Helps fight off a cold:

Evidence shows that moderate drinking can boost your immune system, making you less likely to suffer from common colds. Resveratrol helps to suppress immune responses that lead to the cold manifesting itself.

The antioxidant also has anti-inflammatory properties that help to protect the body against various inflammatory diseases.

Aids in protecting teeth: Polyphenol is found in red wine and helps to strengthen the gums and prevent gum inflammation. It also helps to harden enamel and fights against bacteria, preventing teeth from decaying. This also aids in cavity prevention. Maybe we should switch our boring mouthwashes to wine!

Pamper Yourself With More Than a Glass!

wine facials

Wine Facials

Yes, you read that right! Wine facials are growing in popularity with each passing day. These facials give the skin a refreshing glow and help to remove blemishes and acne.

Wine also contains anti-aging properties due to its antioxidants, plumping out wrinkles and boosting sagging skin. After cleansing the face, a facial of wine mixed with herbs, fruits, and essential oils is massaged into the skin for about ten minutes before being removed and rinsed with cold water. Ask about it the next time you’re at a salon!

Try it at Home!

benefits of glass of wine
  • At home, try mixing red wine with two teaspoons of oatmeal and massage your skin with it. This will remove dead skin cells, giving you a natural glow.

  • You can also simply soak a cotton ball in red wine and apply it to your skin for about 30 minutes. This acts as a toner to keep your skin clear and soft.

Wine can also help you to get that silky shiny hair you have always wanted! Simply shampoo and condition your hair as usual and then use a little red wine for a final rinse.

Always remember that drinking too much alcohol is not good for you and your overall health. Know your limits and enjoy your wine safely!



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