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Houseplants - An Easy Solution

easy to grow houseplants

These Easy To Grow Houseplants Will Surely Keep Your Home Fresh and Clean

Who doesn’t enjoy coming home to a beautifully clean and fresh home? Sadly, we all know too well the other time-crunching priorities that get in the way of achieving this ideal.

Getting that crisp freshness that comes with a thorough house cleaning usually isn’t able to fit into the daily 24-hour time limit. Lucky for us, there are some sneaky low-energy ways to maintain that at-home freshness, and I’m not just talking about spraying some air freshener!

A few easy to grow houseplants are the perfect addition to your home to silently improve your home and health.

That little guy who has been sitting on the windowsill has been doing more work than you think and it might be time to go get him some friends!

So Why Exactly Invest in a Plant?

The first reason that comes to mind while considering getting a plant or two, is how they will add to the aesthetic of your home.

Plants naturally help to tie together the look and feel of a room. If that’s not reason enough, they also make your home more breathable.

Through photosynthesis, plants increase the amount of oxygen in the air, purifying, and filtering the air as they work.

Studies also show that they remove toxins such as benzene, formaldehyde, and trichloroethylene. Many people do not realize that in attempting to keep your home fresh and spotlessly clean, the products being used for cleaning can actually be releasing toxins into the air.

In a closed space, and without having anything the help clear or circulate the air, your family is left breathing in those toxins. Houseplants will remove carbon dioxide and in some cases tougher toxins, thus helping you keep your home fresh and clean.

Some Easy to Grow Houseplants:

Peace Lily: These pretty flowering plants specialize in removing mold spores, and lucky for us, does not require large amounts of water or sunlight! A perfect laundry room plant. *Warning: The peace lily is extremely toxic to cats if consumed.

Spider Plant: This is an air purifying plant that is able to remove harmful formaldehyde from the air, perfect in keeping you home fresh! It is also low-maintenance and easy to re-pot its little spider-plant babies into every room! You only need to water it once or twice a week. Snake Plant: The snake plant thrives in low-light making it very easy to maintain. It also works to filter out formaldehyde, which can be found in cleaning products, even toilet paper, and tissues! English Ivy: Stick this one right in your bathroom, as it helps to clean-up airborne fecal matter. English Ivy is also known to improve symptoms of allergies and asthma helping you to visibly breathe better. Bamboo: Create a Zen-like atmosphere in any room with the addition of a few bamboo stalks. Bamboo can grow in almost any light and doesn’t even need soil! Just place the stalks to root in a container filled with a few inches of pebbles and add water, the bamboo will do the rest.

Use Plants to Help you Sleep Better Too:

While improved air quality will automatically help you to sleep better, some plants can go above and beyond when it comes to giving you not just natural options to improve your rest. Lavender: Lavender is well known for inducing sleep due to its soothing fragrance. It helps to lower stress and blood pressure, making you sleepy. If you can’t keep-up with a small-planted version on your night table, try using some essential oils! Aloe Vera Plant: This plant emits oxygen at night, making way for a restful sleep. Keep it on your bedroom windowsill as a nice reminder that while you rest, your plant is hard at work for you. Jasmine: The scent of jasmine is well known for it relaxing sedative properties. The smell of jasmine drifting from a pot near your bed will lead to greater sleep efficiency and reduced sleep movement.


Spot the Signs your Little Friend Might be in Trouble:

With your easy to grow houseplants working so hard to keep your home fresh and clean, try to spot some signs that they might be in need of some help! Some signs of overwatering include the leaves looking yellow and wilted. Don’t despair and simply add some sand to the soil, or replant. The cause is most likely poor soil drainage resulting in the roots getting too much water.

Good To Read: The Healing and Rejuvenating Power of Energy Crystals You’ll notice your plant receiving a lack of sunlight if the leaves look faded and droopy. Just reposition the plant to a location where it can receive more natural light. If your plant’s leaves look dry and feel crunchy to the touch, it is most likely dehydrated. Use this as a heads up to water more regularly.

houseplants aloe vera

You might just find out that you have a natural green thumb, or be so energized by the plants around your home that starting an outside garden or potted-planter is the next natural step for you!

One thing’s for certain, you can’t go wrong by adding a few new greens smiling easily to grow houseplants to the family!

Worst comes to worst, you completely forget about the little guy and have a moment’s pang of remorse while trying to revive him with can always try again!

The air in your home and your overall health will thank you.



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