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4 Tips to Create a Healthy Work Environment

healthy work environment

These 4 Tips Will Surely Create a Healthy Work Environment

The simple fact is that having a healthy work environment is beneficial for your business or company. Your employees need a well-structured, positive, and caring work environment to perform their best.

When people are spending hours upon hours in a setting, you included, feeling at ease in that space makes a huge difference in your productivity and quality of work. Creating a healthy work environment leads to increased productivity and creativity, reduced costs associated with absenteeism and turnover, plus improved company morale.

You want your employees to be happy working with you and satisfied with their situation Monday-Fridays in the office.

Drive your team towards success by taking actions to create a healthy work environment for them to thrive!

Tip #1: Consider your Workplace Culture Practices

Every company has its own corporate culture that outlines its values and employee standards. Having a culture that is positive and caring towards employees in place typically allows for happy workers. Remember, happy workers, tend to stick around!

  • Establish Trust in the Workplace: As a leader, make promises and keep them, without over-promising or under-delivering. Follow up with your team and keep them updated. It feels good to be in the loop. If you make a mistake (you’re human, it happens!) own up to it and make amends.

  • Empower your Team: Reward employees who have improved and recognize their hard work. Whenever possible, give employees a safe-area where they can learn to fail without harming the company. Set clearly defined roles so everyone knows what is expected of them and require accountability.

  • Communicate!: This is of huge importance and really relates to every aspect of your work. Your employees should have a clear understanding of the company’s core values and each project’s vision. It’s up to you to provide the context your employees need to succeed. Foster an open dialogue where your team feels they can express their feelings and observations.

Tip #2: Foster a Supportive Workplace Environment

Human emotions are a part of life and sometimes will be brought into the workplace. Everyone has bad days and there can be more serious personal issues that your employees are experiencing. Show that you care about their well-being and be supportive.

  • Show your Gratitude: Acknowledge a teammate’s hard work. You might want to consider having a weekly or bi-weekly team meeting where everyone is able to give each other kudos and raise morale. This sets a great tone for the office, your team feels valued and creates a great feeling throughout the organization.

workplace amenities

Motivate through Rewards, Incentives, and Benefits: The main reason your employees are working for you is to support their families and themselves. Show that you understand this in a variety of ways.

Bonuses are a great way to reward outstanding performances. Workplace amenities such as a gym, daycare center, or cafeteria are also great ways to show that you understand the necessities of your employees. You can further create loyalty to your organization by offering perks such as casual days at the office, mental-health days, or office parties.

Tip #3: Create a Safe and Comfortable Working Environment

A healthy work environment also includes the space you’re in is safe and workable for your team.

  • Think About the Simple Things: Have you looked around your office lately? Are there electrical cables running over the floor that can be a tripping hazard? Tape them down or cover them. Could the office use a fresh paint job to brighten things up? Are the work surfaces clean? Take the necessary steps to make your office clean and safe.

  • Office Ergonomics are Real!: Consider your office equipment and the potential strain it is putting on your employees. If it’s time to update tables and chairs so that your team can work more comfortably, and therefore efficiently, it’s worth looking into!

Tip #4: Promote Wellness in the Office

workplace wellness

Look after your employees and let them know you care. They truly are your best assets, so it pays off for you to look after their health. By doing so, you are encouraging better teamwork, increased productivity, and reducing sick leave and health care costs.

  • Encourage Healthy Lifestyle Practices: The options and ideas for this are endless. However, just to name a few: have weekly yoga sessions, bring in experts to educate on various topics, offer an in-house gym or discounted memberships, or *shameless plug* offer in-house massage services!

  • Provide Healthy Snacks and fresh fruit and vegetables in the cafeteria or break room

  • Encourage Healthcare Attention: Offer on-site flu shots for example or have an on-site health clinic a few times a year.

  • Be Mindful of Mental Health: One of the ways you can do this is to provide an assistance program for employees that might be having trouble with finances or struggle with anxiety/depression symptoms.

"A Workplace that encourages self-awareness is an environment where the most productive, curious, and innovative people thrive.” –Neil Blumenthal




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