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Best Winter Foods

best winter foods

Stay Healthy This Cold Season With These Winter foods

January is the coldest month of the year. It's the month to stay indoors so as to keep warm and comfortable, as well as staying away from common winter viruses and bacteria.

It’s also the time of the year we want to develop better eating habits after often a sluggish and indulgent Christmas season.

Spring is around the corner and we know, a good start of the year can set the tone for the rest of it. So out with chocolate, in with healthy winter foods

Here are some tips on the best winter foods for the season.

Enjoy this fresh and healthy start of the year and for extra benefits introduce a low impact exercise such as Yoga, Qi Gong, or Acupressure Chair Massages to boost your immune system.

Root Vegetables

These vitamin and mineral enriched vegetables can be freshly produced because of their ability to withstand the cold. Not only they are rich in nutrients but also in fibre. Carrots, onions, radishes, beets, potatoes, and sweet potatoes are some of the common root vegetables.

best winter food oatmeal


Common breakfast food as it is, that's not just it. This wonder breakfast is packed with nutrients that are very important during winter.

One of the good things about oatmeal is that it's high in zinc, which is very good for the proper functioning of our immune system, as well as rich in soluble fibre, which is perfect for maintaining our hearts in a good condition.


Ah, the perfect winter food. Who wouldn't want a hot tasty soup on a cold winter’s day? There are a lot of available winter soups and stew recipes all over the internet.

Go ahead, indulge yourself with a warm and comforting taste of a homemade soup. It’s a good way to consume those root vegetables! Just remember to keep it healthy and budget friendly.

winter food brocolli and cauliflower

Broccoli and Cauliflower These cruciferous vegetables are good for the enhancement of our immune system because they are both rich in Vitamin C.

Adding these two vegetables to your list of winter foods may give you more defense against winter sickness.

They are nutritious and you can buy them fresh or frozen. If you are doing smoothies adding broccoli stalk is a great way to add it to your diet.

Spicy Tuna Roll

Winter months also mean limited sun rays. Limited exposure to sun light equates to Vitamin D deficiency, which also means bone weakening and risk of heart disease.

So for a good source of Vitamin D this winter, try a spicy tuna or salmon roll. It's a great substitute to typical comfort foods. Tuna and salmon are not just good for our bones but also for our heart. Winter fruits and Vegetables

Eating fresh fruits and vegetables is a must during winter month. Consider this list of fruits and vegetables that are abundant during winter.

winter food fruits


  • Bananas

  • Clementines

  • Cranberries

  • Grapefruit

  • Grapes

  • Guava

  • Kiwi

  • Lemons

  • Limes

  • Mandarin oranges

  • Oranges

  • Pears

  • Persimmons (Sharon fruit)

  • Pomegranates

  • Tangerines

winter food vegetables


  • Artichokes

  • Avocados

  • Beets

  • Brussels sprouts

  • Cabbage

  • Carrots

  • Kale

  • Leeks

  • Lettuce

  • Parsnips

  • Potatoes

  • Radishes

  • Rhubarb

  • Rutabaga

  • Turnips

  • Snow Peas

  • Sweet Potatoes

  • Watercress



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