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Due to Coronavirus

we are changing the way we work and live.


Have you got aches and pains due to long hours at your desk?

Working from the kitchen table?

On a laptop and/or sitting in an everyday chair to do your computer work?

Started noticing you get pins and needles in your fingers from time to time?

Not sleeping great at night, or grinding your teeth in your sleep?

Stressed out or anxious from juggling too many responsibilities?

Maybe you are home-schooling your children, or have home-carer duties

and are still expected to pull your weight at work simultaneously?

If any of the above resonates with you,


Virtual DIY

Massage Therapy


is for you.


I want to help you understand what creates the pains, ailments and feelings/sensations in your body.

See which are connected by joining the dots (or in this case acupressure points)

and give you access to natural pain relief methods.

These are video call sessions with me, Isabelle at Katoka Massage Therapy.

During these video sessions we will discuss your aches and pains, and any other physical, mental and emotional symptoms you may be experiencing.

Together we will map out a “DIY Massage Template” where I will teach you which acupressure points to massage to release your general physical pains, such as:


Neck Aches










Lower Back Pain

You’ll also learn how to use DIY acupressure massage to look after your mental health, alleviating your feelings of anxiety, stress and depression. If you’re struggling with insomnia, menopause symptoms, or any number of different conditions...


Acupressure can help you!


I am passionate about people, so if you would like my help, I would be happy to help you on the road to recovery by easing these pains and ailments. Give you great tips to prevent them creeping back. Help you to get rid of musculoskeletal tightness in the body and relax your mind.








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