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Pets, More Than A Cute Face

benefits of having pets

The surprising benefits of having pets

If you’re like the majority of people, when you pass a cute dog on the street you have to fight with every part of your being not to run over to it and start frantically petting him, telling him that he is a ‘good boy.’ Sometimes the owners of the said dog are not quite as enthused as you are.

But there has to be some reason why so many of us get excited and happy to see a dog or really any fluffy animal! Believe it or not, there is science behind the benefits of having pets!

Now might be the time to use this information to finally convince your partner that it’s time to bring a furry friend into the house, or to just appreciate your special four-legged friend a little more!

Early Allergen Relief

Studies have been conducted showing that one of the benefits of having pets in the home is decreasing a child’s likelihood of developing pet-related allergies by 33%. In fact, children who are exposed to animals early tend to have better immune systems.

While this might not be helpful to adults who already have developed allergies, it can be a big help in exposing children to different dander and possible allergens early.

Pets Help with Child Development

Have your little ones been pestering you about getting a furry friend? If you have been debating whether or not to say yes, consider the following.

Children who grow up with pets tend to have stronger emotional development.

Children learn how to express themselves by living with animals and can relate better to emotions.

Pets can also be hugely beneficial to children with ADHD or autism, as taking care of a pet encourages them to focuses on responsibilities and routine, while petting and holding the animal can be soothing.

Social Tool Owning a pet, especially a dog, increases a person’s opportunities to socialise. Studies have shown that one of the benefits of having pets is to increase social contact and greater socialization with neighbours.

Walking your dog means being outside and having constant chances to run into people on the street or in the park.

Even more, having a pet is a great common ground point to spark a conversation or serve as an icebreaker. Animal lovers easily gravitate towards other animal lovers!

Health Motivator Having a dog brings you outside more. Whether it’s going for walks every day or jogging with your pooch, your doggie is helping you stay fit!

Your four-legged friend will always need its exercise, so it’s hard to make excuses to skip the walk. A wagging tail is a great motivator for a hike or just getting outside. One of the great benefits of having pets is they're known to relieve stress. Thus, helping with your mental health.

The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention also claims that pets lead to the potential to lower blood pressure! It’s a great feeling to know and realise that you will never lose your pet’s unconditional love.

They can sense when you are down and just want to make you feel better. The kisses and cuddles have a greater effect than you know!

Although adorable, pets sometimes aren’t for everyone and that’s okay. You can still be around animals and get the benefits of having pets by volunteering at a shelter or even visit a pet store from time to time just to window shop...But taking one home is always more fun!

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