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On-site Chair Massage 

On-site Massage Therapy


Katoka Massage Therapy provides a relaxing and invigorating massage. It is a highly structured Shiatsu based form of acupressure, which enhances the clients’ well-being, health and is designed to relieve the symptomatic effects of stress. Leaving the client refuelled, refreshed and rejuvenated

The treatment lasts between 20 and 60 minutes and does not involve the use of any oils.

It is carried out with the client remaining fully clothed.

The massage is carried out in a specially designed chair brought on-site by the massage therapist,

so there is no need for you to leave the office.


On-site Massage Packages

Read our FAQs page for in-depth information and requirements..

Full Subsidy

£70 p/h 

The Employer Funds 100%

The company subsidises the massage treatment entirely for it's employees

Employee Pays


Employee treat themselves 100%

20 mins: £23.33

30 mins: £35.00

45 mins: £52.50

60 mins: £70.00

Employee Pays

£70 p/h 

The employer Funds 50%

A 50/50 split between the employer and the employee 

Special Events

Well-being days


Charity events

Christmas parties

Trade fairs

Team building

Booking Conditions

  • A minimum of two hours (£140) booking per scheduled day is required.

  • A designated area of approximately 2x3 metres, per massage therapist, is to be provided by the company. Ideally, this would be somewhere quiet such as a meeting room.

  • Maximum booking per day, per massage therapist is 6 hours excluding breaks.

  • For schedules of more than three hours a break of thirty minutes will be scheduled in to be taken by the massage therapist. There is no charge for this break time.

  • To allow for proper planning, scheduled time slots are established at least one week in advance.

  • Should the demand exceed 6 hours of massage per day the therapist can attend your offices a few days in a row or a couple of times per week or, if you have the space, we can arrange for several massage therapists to come to the office(s).

  • Changes in the schedule on the day are handled by the local massage therapists

  • A nominated person in the company's office will communicate to employees any upcoming massage dates.

  • Employees may use the online booking system if agreed. Otherwise, changes in the schedule will be handled by the local massage therapists and a nominated person in the company's office, who will liaise with individual employees receiving massages to:

  • Book their massage time (a schedule template will be provided to help the booking management)

  • Confirm their bookings 48 hours in advance or find a replacement

  • Liaise on the day to ensure employees are on time. Please note: employees have to read and sign a health form prior to the massage: therefore allow an extra couple of minutes for this to take place.

  • Help organise the collection of funds, if employees pay towards the massage.

  • Cancellation of a booking with less than 72 hours-notice will be charged fully.

  • Invoices will be sent electronically within a week of the massages being delivered. They will be sent to the point of contact in the finance department given by the company. Payment is to be made within seven days. Please note: For all new clients when the first booking is made a "Pro Forma" invoice will be sent electronically, which must be paid 72 hours before the confirmed booking.

  • We will ensure an adequate number of massage therapists will be available on the designated dates and at the appropriate times.

  • Competency of our massage therapists - Our practitioners are trained by the Touch Pro UK School or the Academy of On-Site Massage or other reputable schools. Their qualification is recognised by the CThA (Complementary Therapists Association) and the FHT (Federation of Holistic Therapists). Massage therapists are registered with one of these two bodies and have their own public liability cover - £5,000,000 and Malpractice & Professional Liability cover - £5,000,000. Most massage therapists are insured to work worldwide.

  • The therapist will be equipped with their own chair, anti-bacterial gel and tissue cover for the face cradle.

Should you need more information or require a personalised proposal for your company please contact us via email or telephone.

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