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Due to lifestyle we all experience aches and pains. These can manifest as headaches, migraines, muscular pains or even emotional pains such as anxiety, stress or depression. Our minds and bodies are inter-linked and acupressure points can alleviate these ailments. Bad posture when sitting at our desks (or makeshift dining room table "desks"), the way we watch TV on the sofa, even the way we sleep, all connect back to the way our bodies feel. We as humans are simple chain reactions. If there is a hitch in the chain, we need to examine what action in our lives is causing that negative reaction.


I propose to you that we look into your everyday life habits. Together, we can figure out your daily habits to help you get an understanding of not only why you experience those aches and pains, but also how to alleviate their manifestation and prevent them from re-occurring.


Many of my clients have told me during acupressure chair massage sessions, "You know, it's not just the massage I come for, but all the knowledge I come away with". In view of this, "lifestyle mentoring" makes perfect sense.


With weekly video chats, we can diagnose what is causing your specific aches and pains and I will personally teach you how to stimulate acupressure points that will give you relief.


Our Services

On-site Chair Massage

on-site chair massage therapy
Virtual DIY Massage Sessions
  • Virtual DIY 1-2-1 Massage Session

  • Virtual DIY Massage Group Class

on-site chair massage therapy
At Work:
  •  On-site Chair Massages

  •  Events & Trade Fairs

  • Virtual DIY 1-2-1 Massage session

  • Virtual DIY Massage Group Class

Wellbeing At Your Fingertips
  • Online help guide we created with you in mind to alleviate aches & pains from the comfort of your own home.

Katoka Massage Therapy visits your place of work to provide on-site chair massage to yourself and your employees.

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You may find our Blogs & Monthly Newsletter helpful in taking care of your wellbeing and maintaining Good Mental & Physical Health whilst at home.

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Please note: In light of the Global Covid-19 pandemic, Chair Massages in offices are temporarily discontinued until further notice. 

Remember: HANDS - FACE - SPACE 

What Clients Are Saying

katoka massage therapy testimonials

Lloyds Banking Group, London

“Katoka kindly attended a Charity Fundraising evening last November. Their wonderful and very popular chair massages helped raise funds for Save the Children. Isabelle and her colleague were highly professional and organised, and I would recommend their services to any individual or company as part of their health programme.”

- The Verde London Charity Committee


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