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About Katoka Massage Therapy


How We Started

After 12 years of 10-15 hour days in the financial industry, organizing events and roadshows, Isabelle le Goaëc, the owner of Katoka Projects Ltd decided it was high time to get away from this high pressure, stress-inducing environment and retrain as a massage therapist.


Specialising in Acupressure chair massage and under the umbrella of Katoka Projects Ltd, Isabelle decided to create, “Katoka Massage Therapy” with the sole purpose being to help stressed corporate peers and give back to the community at the same time.


katoka massage therapy vision



Promote Mental and Physical Well-being

by providing on-site acupressure chair massage to increase productivity and mental agility.

Customer Focused
Both employer and employee, listening to needs.


Transparent Communication
Clear and concise communication and pricing.



Friendly, personal careTimekeeping.

Best Practice
Insured, integrity, code of conduct, terms and conditions.


High caliber trained massage therapists.


Local community action, giving back.

katoka massage therapy mission



Our aim is to help your company deliver holistic wellbeing to employees in the office. Creating an environment where your best asset feels supported and valued.  Our mission is to give your workforce the opportunity to let go of stresses and the ability to focus and succeed in life. On-site Acupressure Chair Massage increase productivity and mental agility.

Making you feel good at work