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KATOKA MASSAGE THERAPY's News and offers. APRIL 2013

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It’s the time of year to get outdoors, enjoy the sunshine and get active.  How about taking a stroll along the Thames or jogging through the park?  For those who want more of a challenge and a focus on getting fit while raising money for charity the London Marathon will be held this month on 21st  April.

These races always provide plenty of work for massage therapists post the event to alleviate pain and mend overstrained muscles, so we will be doing our bit on the day. If you are training remember to keep hydrated and to do your stretches. If you would like a massage please call or email us.  

Pack of runners
Two oranges with measuring tape


For those of you in search of less intense, but equally rewarding activity to help regain a healthy physique, how about deep breathing? 
Yes fresh air, sunlight and exercise are essential to your body’s health, but did you know that deep breathing can also help reduce and rid you of your orange peel cellulite stores?



Man and woman with open arms looking up to the sky
How can we combat this orange-peel-like layer of fat and rid the body of toxins?
                       1.    Exercise
                       2.    Deep breathing
                       3.    Massage

       These three components will help to cleanse your body and stimulate the lymphatic system.  

  1. Breathing
  • Deep breathing promotes relaxation, reduces stress, improves immunity, and boosts energy levels. It also increases blood and lymphatic fluid circulation to help remove toxins and nurture skin cells with nutrients and oxygen. To breathe effectively, you must draw in air through the nose and expand the stomach rather than the chest cavity. Take long slow breaths to allow the body the ability to absorb the inhaled oxygen. Exhale slowly through pursed lips.
Woman practicing deep breathing

    2.   Reduce stress

  • Reducing stress will improve health. The body cannot cleanse and rid itself of toxins when overly stressed, tense, and anxious. Individuals tend to neglect their health and needs when coping with stress; they eat more unhealthy foods and exercise less. This leads to more toxicity and increased fat storage. 
Resting baby

       3.  Massage and dry skin brushing

  • Holistic and lymphatic massage is a great way to drain and increase the flow of lymphatic fluid in your body. Massage helps to improve circulation, which results in proper waste elimination. Dry skin brushing can also help to stimulate lymphatic flow. To effectively perform dry skin brushing, use a large, stiff-bristled body brush and brush your skin in the direction of the lymph flow. Work from the ankles to the thighs, up to the arms, across the shoulders, down the back and softy across the stomach. Lymph drainage requires very light pressure so remember to brush gently!
Palm pressure on bare back
Aritzan Street Library and Community Centre


Do you want help reducing that
orange-peel-like layer of fat before the good weather arrives?

Why not book 5 one-hour sessions
and get the
 6th free.


If for convenience, you would prefer fully dressed

ACUPRESSURE MASSAGES IN YOUR OFFICE as a tool to reduce and manage your stress levels find out more on 


For £45 an hour, 2 to 6 people can enjoy a fully clothed back and shoulder massage. 

Woman receiving chair massage
All these treatments reduce the symptomatic effects of stress and enhance blood circulation.
Bookings can be made via the telephone or email
Please Note: Our treatments @ 1 Artizan Street are by appointment only
Monday to FridayThe last appointment starts at 6pm
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